Sunday, July 4, 2010

Where The Wild Things Are

Starring Max Records,Catherine Keener,James Gandolfini,Paul Dano,Catherine O'Hara,Forest Whitaker,Michael Berry Jr.,Chris Cooper,Lauren Ambrose,Pepita Emmerichs,Max Pfeifer,Steve Mouzakis,Mark Ruffalo,Joshua Jay Santiago,Ryan Corr, Vincent Crowley,Sonny Gerasimowicz,Nick Farnell,Sam Longley,Angus Sampson,Mark McCracken,John Leary,Alice Parkinson,and Garon Michael

Directed by Spike Jonze

Release Date: October 16, 2009
Let the wild rumpus start! Director Spike Jonze brings the classic children's story to life, where rebellious Max (Max Records) runs away from home to become king to a group of "Wild things". While this film doens't have a standard plot line, it is an interesting character study about children and brings up feelings in adults about what it was like in their youth to feel so helpless or misunderstood by their families. For example, early in the film Max is buried under the remains of a homemade igloo by his older sister's friends: when his sister doesn't try to soothe Max's hurt feelings, he goes on a rampage in her bedroom by stomping wet snow into her carpet and smashing a gift he had made for her. After an altercation with his mother (Catherine Keener), Max journeys to an island with gigantic monsters, voiced by such talented actors such as James Gandolfini (Carol), Forest Whitaker (Ira) and Lauren Ambrose (K.W.). My fullest compliments go to the Jim Henson Company for the detailed and beautiful work on the Wild things.

Rating: * * * * of 5

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