Tuesday, July 13, 2010

House of Wax (1953)

Starring Vincent Price and Charles Bronsen

Directed by Andre De Toth

Release Date: April 10, 1953

Forget the more recent remake starring Paris Hilton, the original with Vincent Price has waxy good scares. All Professor Jared (Price) ever watned out of life was to share his wax-sculpture friends with the world. Sadly, his precious figures are destroyed due to Jared's business partner wanting his money back in favor of a wax museum that focuses more on the criminally deranged and famous deaths shown in wax. Soon enough, a mystrious figure begins to stalk New York citizens to fatally recreate Jared's lost figures for a new House of Wax. In terms of mood, this is a great moody horror story because whenever someone is stalked by the mysterious figure in black. Vincent Price is great, as you sympathize with him when he looses his "friends" and even when he obsesses over his devotion to findng the perfect model for his Marie Antionette figure. The problem with the film is the balance between the action in the first act and at the finale. The battle between Jared and Matthew is gripping and exciting, while the final battle in the wax museum is good but not as fantastic A good moody horror movie.

Release: * * * 1/2 of 5 House of Wax

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