Thursday, March 17, 2011

Army of Darkness

Starring Bruce Campbell, Bridget Fonda, Ian Abercrombie and Ted Raimi

Directed by Sam Raimi

Release Date: February 19th, 1993

It's down to the last battle between Ashley "Ash' Williams and the Deadites in Army Of Darkness!

After facing the hordes of Evil in Evil Dead 2, Ash has been transported hundreds of years back in time! Now, he's a prisoner of....King Arthur?! What has Ash done to anger the legendary wielder of Excalibur? Maybe it's from running his mouth off, or unleashing the Deadites from the Necronomicon....again. Therefore, it's up to Ash, his "boomstick" 12-gauge shotgun, and a group of knights to fight off the unholy army of darkness!

Despite being titled "Army of Darkness", this is essentially Evil Dead 3. Here, Ash has transformed from a cowardly hero in Evil Dead to a catchphrase spouting, machismo Super-star in Army of Darkness! You talk about Ash with other Evil Dead fans, all of them will know "Hail to the King, Baby!" or "Shop Smart! Shop S-Mart!" as two of his legendary quotes from Army of Darkness. Also, changing tone from the cheap, eerie tone of Evil Dead to the goofy, excessive tone of Evil Dead 2, Army of Darkness is more of an epic adventure movie with swords, magic, and evil doppelgangers. Trust me,  this is a fun action movie that will definitely appease Evil Dead fans and fans of Bruce Campbell's B-movie action roles.

Rating:  * * * * *  of 5

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Ashok said...

Awesome movie and awesome review. Don't remember if I've ever seen this thing sober.