Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Flash Gordon (1980)

Starring Sam J. Jones, Max Von Sydow, Timothy Dalton, Brian Blessed, and Topol

Directed by Mike Hodges

Release Date December 5th, 1980

I'll admit, I have some eclectic tastes when it comes to movies: one of my favorite science fiction films is Jean-Luc Godard's Alphaville. But, I'm still not sure what to say about the 1980 action-adventure film, "Flash Gordon". The movie certaintly has a great visual style to it, but the throwback to the 1940s film serials are a tad too distracting at times. Sure, it's neat to see 1930-1940s intrepretations of spaceships and intergalatic warlords, but after awhile it looks too cheesy. Unfortunately, that's not the least of this movie's problems. No, the real problems stem from the cliched, horrible dialogue and awful (repeat: AWFUL) performances from the majority of the cast (the only exceptions are Timothy Dalton and Brian Blessed, two actors who look like they were having fun with the material and didn't take it too seriously). If you're curious about seeing the film, I'd say go seek it out. Otherwise, I'd just say listen to the FANTASTIC album Queen put out for this film, particularly "flash's theme".

Rating: * * * of 5

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