Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Dark Knight

Starring Christian Bale, Heath Ledger, Aaron Eckhart, Michael Caine, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Gary Oldman , Morgan Freeman , Monique Curnen , Ron Dean , Cillian Murphy , Chin Han , Nestor Carbonell , Eric Roberts , Ritchie Coster , Anthony Michael Hall , Colin McFarlane , Joshua Harto , Melinda McGraw , Nathan Gamble , Michael Vieau , Michael Stoyanov , Bill Smille , Michael Jai White , Matthew O'Neill , William Fichtner , Olumiji Olawumi , Greg Beam , Erik Hellman , Beatrice Rosen , Vincenzo Nicoli , Edison Chen , Nydia Rodriguez Terracina , Andy Luther , James Farruggio , Thomas McElroy , Will Zahrn , James Fierro , Sam Derence , Jennifer Knox , Patrick Clear , Sarah Jayne Dunn , Chucky Venn , Winston Ellis , David Dastmalchian , Sophia Hinshelwood , Keith Kupferer , Joseph Luis Caballero , Richard Dillane , Daryl Satcher , Crhis Perschler , Aidan Feore , Philip Bulcock , Paul Birchard , Walter Lewis , Vincent Riotta , Nancy Crane , K. Todd Freeman , Matt Shallenberger , Michael Andrew Gorman , Lanny Lutz , Peter DeFaria , Matt Rippy , Andrew Bicknell , Ariyon Bakare , Doug Ballard , Helene Wilson , Tommy Campbell , Craig Heaney , Lorna Gayle , Joshua Rollins , Dale RIvera , Matthew Leitch , Tommy 'Tiny' Lister , Thomas Gaitsch , William Armstrong , Adam Kalesperis , Tristan Tait , Bronson Webb , Gertrude Kyles , Jonathan Ryland , James Scales , Nigel Carrington , Ian Pirie , Lateef Lovejoy , Grahame Edwards , Roger Monk , Ronan Summers , Wai Wong , Michael Corey Foster , Hannah Gunn , Brandon Lambdin

Directed by Christopher Nolan

Release Date: July 18, 2008

Oh my GOD, was this FREAKING AMAZING. Finally the perfect BATMAN movie that the fans, the audience, the critics, the entire world was waiting for. First off, is Heath Ledger as good as the critics say he is? The Answer is................GOOD GOD YES! Ledger steals this movie and runs all the way home with it, he's so good. His performance is so multi-layered, that it will be studied by drama students and film classes for years to come. The Joker is not only amusing, he is TERRIFYING: all eyes are on him and the hairs on your arms stand up in fear. This is a great performance, and it is a fitting tribute to his final completed performance (God Bless to him, we need more great actors like him in this world).

As much as Ledger will be getting much acclaim, the new comers to the cast will be cast in his shadow: which is a shame because they too give great performances. Aaron eckhart gives a strong performance as Harvey Dent, a man who is constantly struggling with his inner morality against his darker side. Also, Maggie Gyllenhall replaces Katie Holmes as Rachel Dawes, Bruce's childhood friend and Harvey's girlfriend. Gyllenhall makes her role work as she tugs at the heart strings while she emotionally struggles between living a happy life with Harvey and trying to get Bruce to look for other places to find personal happiness when it's time to retire The batman.

The story is great: The Joker terrorizes Gotham City by creating chaos amongst all its citizens, from the criminals to Batman himself. his scheme is so brilliant in its simplicity; no villain will ever achieve so much with so little effort. And for the first time, the Batman actually solves crimes as a detective, using his brain to hunt down criminals in addition to using his incredible technological arsenal. The fight scenes? are both inventive and entertaining. the camera moves rapidly as if trying to catch up with its actors, keeping the audience even mored thrilled. So, you're asking yourself? what's the down side? unless you're impatient and can't watch a movie that's longer than 90 minutes, nothing. I loved the hell out of this movie. Finally, there were two great quotes: Joker's "Wanna see a magic trick? I can make this pencil disappear?" and Gordon's final speech.

Rating: * * * * * of 5

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