Saturday, September 24, 2011

Murder by Death

Starring Peter Faulk, Truman Capote,Alec Guiness,  Peter Sellers, James Coco, and James Cromwell

Directed by Roger Moore

Release Date: June 23rd, 1976

Five world famous detectives (each based on literary characters in real life) are summoned to an eccentric millionaire's home for a rousing weekend: solve "the perfect murder" and collect $1 Million or be killed by the murderer! Who will win the game, and who will be next on the chopping block?

 Written by Neil Simon and directed by Roger Moore (who previously collaborated with Guiness and Sellers on The Ladykillers), Murder by Death spins the mystery genre on its head and has a few chuckles with such cliches as the previously unheard of motive or the last minute character by the third act. Also, I will note that the film is very similar to Clue, down to the fact that both films have eccentric hosts and stuffy butlers (however, MbD does have Alec Guiness give a hilarious performance as Bensonmum). If you're in the mood for witty word play and hilarious performances from great actors like Faulk and Sellers, you'll certainly get a kick out of Murder by Death.

Rating: * * * * 1/2 of 5

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