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CardCaptor Sakura-The Movie 2: The Sealed Card

Kâdokaputâ Sakura: Fûin sareta kâdo (original title)

Starring the voices of Aya Hisakawa, Hideyuki Tanaka, Junko Iwao, Maaya Sakamoto, Masaya Onosaka, Megumi Ogata , Motoko Kumai , Sakura Tange , Tomokazu Seki , Toru Furusawa , Yukana Nogami

Directed by: Morio Asaka

Release Date: Jul 15, 2000

Picking up 4 months after the Series' finale, Sakura is still trying to find the words to tell Syaoran that she loves him. So, Meilin and Syaoron are back in Tomoeda Town just in time to see Sakura star in the 6th Grade play for the Nadeshiko Festival. Meanwhile, a powerful force has been building at an amusement park built on the abandoned mansion where Eriol once lived. Will Sakura find the courage to announce her feelings to Syaoran? Will Tomoyo make another "Battle Costume"? Will Kero-chan eat all the takoyaki?

As with the previous theatrical film, CCS 2 is made for fans of the series first and foremost. This movie is an epilogue to the series, where all loose ends are tied up as we await the lingering question of will Sakura admit her true feelings by the resolution. Fans will appreciate that all the series main characters (and a few secondary characters) show up for the story and all play their parts well without distracting from the main romantic plot or the supernatural subplot. As with CCS, the movie deals with the joys and hardships of love, be it between family or dealing with your feelings at a young age. The animation is very well detailed, putting more sharp attention on color and shadows. If there is one thing this movie lacks is the series sense of physical and broad comedy, but that actually works as this movie is more focused on Sakura's heatache troubles and not if she's being called a "monster" by her older brother.

A fitting end to Cardcaptor Sakura, with layered writing, incredible vocal actors, and gives a feeling of warmth and joy to anime fans.

Rating: * * * * * of 5

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