Friday, August 13, 2010

Repo Men

Starring Jude Law, Forrest Whitaker, and Liev Schriber

Directed by Miguel Sapochnik

Release Date: March 19, 2010

Before anyone asks: Yes, I will be comparing this movie and 2008's REPO!: The Genetic Opera.
In 2025, the world has become dependent on organ transplants in which to live. To that end, THE UNION has made replacement organs known as "Artiforgs" available to people that need a new liver or a new knee. When people can't make their payment for their new limbs, The Union sends in their specialty medical technicians/thugs known as "Repo Men", who are to collect the unpaid organs regardless of if the client is still breathing. Of the known Repo Men, Remy (Law) and Jake (Whitaker) are two of the best; friends since childhood and ripping out organs well into adulthood. Soon, Remy's wife wants him to slow down and take a desk job. But, Remy's last job is botched and now he's a client with a new heart and a down payment....

If you were to take Blade Runner, Brazil and Repo! The genetic Opera combined and mixed in a blender, Repo Men is what you'd get. The film just feels like the cobbled pieces of better known, more inventive science fiction (get to the ending and try not to scream "Plagarism!", I dare you). The concepts are okay, but nothing spectacular are ever done with them. By the third act, Repo Men just degenerates in to the standard gun fight in any other action movie. Take a film like "The Genetic Opera": it has an amazing visual style, grandiose costuming, and some pretty kick-butt songs. Repo Men, on the other hand, will just be another generic movie you'll probably forget in six months after you saw it.

Moving on to the more positive aspects, the movie does have a good cast with great chemistry, Law and Whitaker especially as life-long buddies soon on the outs after Remy starts questioning his life as a Repo Man. Also, the soundtrack is pretty cool, full of jazz and indie-rock instead of the generic "HARD ROCK HEAVY METAL" that usually plays during an action sequence.

Not a bad movie, but certainly nothing original.

Rating: * * * 1/2 of 5

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